From the daily archives: Wednesday, April 4, 2012

For a while, I was really interested in fashion. I read tons of different style blogs, I had my own where I posted outfits and writing of varying quality, and I tried to read the big fashion magazines. I was always rather confused as to why I neither loved nor hated the spreads everyone else was talking about : all I saw where some overpriced clothes on a really skinny model.

Only recently did I realize why those photos never made me want to run out an acquire everything shown; it’s that they don’t correlate to how I interact with clothing at all.

Take this photo from Vogue (April 2011, Germany judging by the text) for example. Maybe there are some people in the world who would actually wear an outfit like that on daily basis, but I sure as hell am not one of them. How can I possibly want clothing when it’s portrayal is so far from the reality of how it would be worn? Even worse, the pose is unnatural, the model looks uncomfortable and she certainly doesn’t look at all happy.

That look is not at all how I want to feel about my clothing. For me, the ideal outfit is one that makes me smile. A successful outfit doesn’t just make me look good, or feel comfy, it fills me with an indescribable happiness.

Now, I understand that it’s supposed to be the clothes that are shining, that the girl is just to “show how they look”, but again, this goes completely against what I want. I’m all for having some fabulous clothing that really draws in the eye, but clothes are supposed to make me more brilliant, not outshine me. I am a person, I’m not a mannequin.

How do you feel about fashion magazines?

♥ Rosie

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