It recently occurred to me that I do vary few adventurous things in my life. I’ve spent one too many post explaining that my life is pretty much the constant repetition of a few activities, and that has got to change.

I’m going to try to have a new adventure every week. Not necessarily something big, but something new and maybe sort of scary (but probably not). Here goes!

For the vast majority of people, this adventure is going to seem so banal that it’s not even funny, but it’s sort of a big deal for me. See, for as long as I can remember, I haven’t eaten fish. My parents were worried about allergies, so I didn’t have it as a kid, then I guess I tried it and didn’t like it, and I haven’t eaten anything with fish in it in at least ten years.

In general I consider myself a very open minded picky eater*, so it was about time to reevaluate fish. I made a curry with tuna for dinner, and made myself eat it.
The verdict? I don’t want to make this recipe again, but fish might be allowed back into my diet. In curries, because I’ll eat pretty much anything in a curry, and maybe even with just a simple sauce. Success for the adventure!
♥ Rosie
* I’m really picky, but only once I know I don’t like something, so I’ll try lots of stuff, but not much gets eaten again.

Note : Yes, this is the first post, and yes it is labeled #2. That’s because the big adventure that sort of inspired this series thing happened chronologically long before the tuna curry, and I’ll put up the write up soon, I just have to sort out photos and stuff.

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That’s about it for the last few days. I’ve actually done some other stuff, but most of those things are getting their own post in a new thing I want to try writing about, so the photos will be up over the next few days.

♥ Rosie

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For a while, I was really interested in fashion. I read tons of different style blogs, I had my own where I posted outfits and writing of varying quality, and I tried to read the big fashion magazines. I was always rather confused as to why I neither loved nor hated the spreads everyone else was talking about : all I saw where some overpriced clothes on a really skinny model.

Only recently did I realize why those photos never made me want to run out an acquire everything shown; it’s that they don’t correlate to how I interact with clothing at all.

Take this photo from Vogue (April 2011, Germany judging by the text) for example. Maybe there are some people in the world who would actually wear an outfit like that on daily basis, but I sure as hell am not one of them. How can I possibly want clothing when it’s portrayal is so far from the reality of how it would be worn? Even worse, the pose is unnatural, the model looks uncomfortable and she certainly doesn’t look at all happy.

That look is not at all how I want to feel about my clothing. For me, the ideal outfit is one that makes me smile. A successful outfit doesn’t just make me look good, or feel comfy, it fills me with an indescribable happiness.

Now, I understand that it’s supposed to be the clothes that are shining, that the girl is just to “show how they look”, but again, this goes completely against what I want. I’m all for having some fabulous clothing that really draws in the eye, but clothes are supposed to make me more brilliant, not outshine me. I am a person, I’m not a mannequin.

How do you feel about fashion magazines?

♥ Rosie

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Well, this obviously isn’t 52 photos, but there really isn’t much that’s been left out.

Basically the last almost two months have been procrastinate/procrastinate/oh shit homework/sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep/procrastinate/Skype/procrastinate/squeee about university stuff/oh shit homework/repeat endlessly for 52 days. I guess the photos don’t show that, but even I don’t want to take endless photos of my computer screen.

Seeing as I have an English assignment due tomorrow and all I’ve done since I meant to start working was watch two movies and write this, I’d better go.

♥ Rosie


Once again, despite the multitude of clocks in my room, time had completely slipped away from me. We’ve gone from the depth of winter to a beautiful summer’s day (for now!); and I haven’t written anything.

It’s not for lack of ideas, more from a general lack of motivation to get anything done. For a while there I didn’t live so much from day to day and more project to project, the only punctuation in my life being tests and deadlines. Even though I still have two huge deadlines coming up, and my final exams in May, there’s something in the sun that makes me want to do more than study and waste my nights on tumblr. I know, I know, shocking.

I also belatedly came to the realization that everything is changing. Isn’t that a scary thought!? I say this every time, but I want to remember who I was, what I was thinking, what I was passionate about. Here’s to another fresh start!

♥ Rosie


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